Polisi Derbyn

Admissions Policy

  • The maximum number of pupils to be admitted is determined by the admission number set annually by the Local Education Authority in consultation with the Governing Body.
  • A pupil shall be admitted at the beginning of the Autumn Term if he/she has reached the age of 11 years on or before 31st August.
  • Some pupils may be allowed to transfer under the age of 11 if after a professional assessment it is considered that they show exceptional intellectual ability, a very high aptitude in the use of language and demonstrate physical, emotional and social development for their age which will not put them at a disadvantage in a secondary school.
  • Any pupil who resides within the catchment area of the school will be admitted provided he/she is eager to be educated bilingually and has the linguistic ability to study subjects in Welsh and English.
  • Should the number of prospective pupils exceed the maximum number as stipulated by the admission number then applications should be considered using the following criteria:
    • the number of pupils who can be admitted to the school;
    • the area which the school normally serves;
    • whether the prospective pupil has a sibling in the school;
    • specific medical and social reasons appertaining to the prospective pupil.
  • Parents have the right of appeal if their child has not been offered a place at the school of their choice. Details of the procedures to be followed are to be found in the Code of Practice for Appeals adopted by the Local Education Authority. Copies of this document may be obtained from the Education Office, Education Dept. County Hall, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. Tel. no. 01437 764551.

Arrangements for meeting the parents of pupils who will be entering the school each year.

  • An open evening will be held in November. Should any prospective parents be unable to attend the Open Evening they are welcome to telephone the school to arrange a mutually convenient time for an appointment with the Headteacher.
  • Pupils will be invited to Ysgol y Preseli for a day in the Christmas and Easter terms (Bridging Days). Prospective first year pupils will be invited to spend a week at Preseli during the second half of the summer term (Cwrs Croeso).