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Welcome to the parents and guardians area where you can find relevant information regarding school uniform, attendance, options and other information requested by parents and guardians of pupils attending Ysgol Bro Preseli.

Should you have any further questions you are welcome to contact the school and speak to a member of staff who will be able to provide you with the information you need.

Beth i'w Ddisgwyl Ar Y Diwrnod Cyntaf

What To Expect On The First Day

Starting at school is an exciting time for pupils be this on their first day at primary or as they transition into their secondary school education. The transition process is imperative therefore our staff take the time to ensure that your child feels confident when they start at Ysgol Bro Preseli.

Arrangements for meeting the parents of pupils who will be entering the school each year.

Bwyta'n Iach Yn Ysgol Bro Preseli

Healthy Eating At Ysgol Bro Preseli

The Healthy Schools Award already achieved is a commitment by staff and pupils to promoting good health, positive behaviour and achievement across all areas of school life. Fresh drinking water is available at all times during the day and both canteens offer healthy snacks during break and lunchtime.

Breakfast is available early in the morning which includes healthy cereals, porridge, toast fruits and snacks. Breakfast club is available for pupils of primary school age from 8.00am. Water, milk and low calorie drinks are offered to pupils. Individuals who bring a packed lunch to school are encouraged to eat healthily. Issues regarding the provision of food are discussed by the School Council. An outside eating area called ‘Y Pantri’ offers another option for secondary school age pupils at break and lunchtime.

Ysgol Bro Preseli operates a cashless catering system for paying for school meals. The Cashless Catering System is available in all schools. You can choose to have school meals every day or only on certain days.In the primary element of Ysgol Bro Preseli your child will be asked in the morning if they are having a school meal or sandwiches.

In the secondary element of Ysgol Bro Preseli, the cashless catering system allows pupils to pay for school meals without the need to carry cash. Instead, pupils are able to pay for their meals using their finger or a cashless catering card. There is a daily spend limit automatically set on each pupil’s account at £6 per day. If you would like this lowered or increased please contact the catering service.

Parent & Guardian Voice

We are eager to listen to the voice of parents and guardians on our journey to excellence. It is heart-warming to receive compliments from parents and guardians about what we do well and to receive ideas and suggestions on areas that we could further improve.

If you have any comments, you are warmly welcome to email the Leadership Team.

Gwisg Ysgol

School Uniform

Please find detailed information regarding the school uniform. Uniforms can be purchased through the following stockists:

Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol

Additional Learning Needs

In order to ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all pupils, the school provides for pupils with additional learning needs through classroom support and/or withdrawal for small groups for individual tuition. The school aims to offer a high standard of education and equality of opportunity to all individuals.


The department is responsible under the direction of the Additional Needs Coordinator, for ensuring that the Special Educational Needs Act is implemented. A copy of the school’s Additional Learning Needs booklet can be obtained from the school office.

Pupils are identified before entering the school by detailed information from parents/guardians and in the case of transitioning pupils, from the previous school. The school communicates with Primary Headteachers and parents/guardians, and through the Primary / Secondary teacher Coordinator.

In September all pupils in Year 7 undergo a series of general screening tests which indicate their literacy and numeracy levels. The school has a well-resourced room for teaching small groups and for individual pupil support. The exceptionally able child is identified in the same process. There is an excellent working relationship with external agencies such as the Educational Psychologist, Social Services etc.

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